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What parents say about our lessons:        

'R has really loved your classes and went off and composed a little song, writing the music and playing it for us. She has learnt so much from you'

Mum Lisa

'E is thoroughly enjoying piano lessons'

Mum Rachael

'We always enjoy your classes and particularly love the books you provide to assist learning. The parents performance is always a great treat to keep them motivated'

Mum Nicole

'We found your lessons the perfect first step to the piano for M in a supportive, group environment - such a good grounding for individual lessons. His (new) teacher was so impressed with the knowledge that he brought. I have and will still recommend this approach to all parents' 

Mum Sam

'Olivia absolutely loves her keynotes lessons and goes to practise what she has learnt as soon as she gets home! She loves that the songs are all part of a story and this really helps her to understand how music works'

Olivia's Mum

'My daughter started having lessons 3 weeks ago and absolutely loves it! She was already stringing a few notes together after the first lesson!'

Sasha's Mum

'I'm amazed at how much they are learning in the sessions, learning as a group and the gradual approach definitely works'

Hanna's Mum

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