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Group Lessons for Beginners

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Piano lessons need not be a solitary experience. Children thrive in groups - as they do at school, and the first few years at the  piano are no different.  A well-structured, pedagogically-sound group programme that caters for the needs of young learners is as effective as any traditionally-taught (one-to-one) method, in fact, more often than not, children have a richer, happier experience and make better progress. 

Group lessons make for a sociable, fun and more natural learning environment.

Group classes are an ideal introduction to piano-playing for the young beginner, and I am delighted to be offering the KeyNotes Music programme to families in and around ....

 Lessons are currently on hold whilst we re-locate.

      New South Brisbane location coming soon!

Check back for updates or visit our FaceBook page.

For more information or to make an enquiry, read on!   

The KeyNotes programme

KeyNotes is an exciting new keyboard-based curriculum from the UK that teaches piano and general music through games and stories to primary school-age children. Designed for small groups of 6-8 students, it is perfect for complete beginners age 5-11yrs (Prep to Yr 6). 

There are 4 levels:

  • Little KeyNotes (age 5-6 yrs)

  • KeyNotes Storytellers (age 6+)

  • KeyNotes Foundations 1 & 2

  • KeyNotes Progression 


Each level comprises 4 workbooks of pieces, tasks and activities centred around a familiar story or theme. Children are engaged through singing, listening, composing and performing and over its course develop a firm foundation of piano skills and musical knowledge.

By the end of level 3 students will have achieved a solid level of proficiency and understanding, and will be ready to move on to individual lessons and, if they choose, an exam syllabus.    


Already a KeyNotes parent?

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Practice Videos here:

About Lessons 


LESSON LENGTH      45 min (30 min for Little KeyNotes)  

WHERE                        South Brisbane

                                     coming soon... 

WHEN                          TBA

TIME                             TBA

How to Sign Up 

Please read the Terms and Conditions below then call Alex on 0410 704 385  or email the form on the Contacts page.  A Waiting List may be in operation for some classes.

All students begin with a 3-week no-obligation trial period, payment for which is required in advance. Please note that your child's place cannot be secured without this

Group lesson terms and conditions


  • The KeyNotes Programme teaches early piano skills to young beginners using touch-sensitive keyboards.  Before enrolling, it is recommended that all students have a suitable instrument at home for practice, that is, an acoustic or digital piano with weighted/semi-weighted/touch-sensitive keys. I will be happy to advise if you need help choosing a suitable instrument.


  • Classes are 45 minutes in length and are held weekly (30 mins for Little KeyNotes). All keyboards are provided.


  • Lessons are invoiced termly in advance and are payable within 4 weeks.  An additional $8 Materials Fee is applied per term.


  • In the case of student absence, NO MAKE-UPS are offered but catch-up material will be emailed after the lesson.  In the event of teacher absence, a substitute teacher will be appointed or the lesson will be cancelled and parents notified in advance by email or text.  A refund or credit will be given.

  • Please provide at least 4 weeks notice of intention to leave to allow your space to be given to someone else. 

  • Parents are not permitted to be in the room during class. 

  • Students are expected to respect the class environment at all times. If a child is not settling or is continually disruptive, they will be asked to leave.

  • Photographs may occasionally be taken during the lesson for marketing or social media purposes: please advise in writing if you DO NOT wish your child to participate.

  • All parents will have access to the group piano Facebook page which will enable you to keep up with news and class activities.  

  • Finally, I want your child to have the best experience! Please avail yourself of the following opportunities to engage and discuss your child's progress:

                                                     - Facebook 

                                                     - Parent's Watching Week (Performances) once-a-term 

                                                     - Termly feedback

                                                     - Contact me directly via email/phone at any other time.

Want to know more about KeyNotes Music?  Visit the website here:


To book your child's spot, call Alex on 0410 704 385 or                         to email your details.

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