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Why Group Piano?

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KeyNotes Music is a collaborative piano programme. This means that students learn and play the same music but are allocated different parts according to ability, rather like in a band or orchestra. To learn more about how this works in practice, read our blog post "Six Beginners, One Class: How Group Lessons Work". 

Starting your child's piano learning like this will help them develop a wide range of foundational skills and will ignite their love of playing. 

Musical Interactions 

Making music together is the most impactful way for students to engage with piano learning. KeyNotes' emphasis on ensemble-playing enables students to develop confident performance skills.

Collaborative Learners

When students learn together and have a common aim, they work as a team and every individual is motivated and invested. Groupwork, in the form of games and songs is a feature of every KeyNotes lesson. 


Creative Opportunities

In group classes, we can incorporate creative learning opportunities such as improvisation and composition. KeyNotes topics inspire and bring relevance to piano playing and musical elements.







Variety of Activities

KeyNotes' lesson structures include the pace and variety that is suited to our learners. From moving to music with scarves and bubbles, to singing and drawing using a musical prompt, we use all sorts of activities to embed learning and reach different learner styles.

Secure Foundations

Regular review of skills and concepts, in addition to KeyNotes' unique cyclical approach help students consolidate learning and deepen their understanding. The careful building blocks and scaffolding of concepts ensure that students have secure foundations.  


Keynotes students have fun! They love their classes and this enjoyment enables them to access and apply their learning more successfully.

Check out what parents say about our lessons:

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