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Why Learn Music?

Updated: Jul 3, 2019

It's not a question any musician thinks about, but for those considering learning an instrument, and especially those who label themselves 'untalented', be assured that you do not have to aspire to the concert platform to make music lessons worthwhile. As you may know, music's benefits extend far beyond the artistic, infact, research shows that no other activity gives the brain such an intense workout.

Did you know that music is proven to:

  • improve coordination and concentration

  • enhance maths and conceptual understanding

  • help language-processing

  • improve memory

  • develop problem-solving skills

  • protect against dementia.

So, you can see why learning music is as valuable for pre-schoolers as it is for seniors. And it's not just about its brain-boosting powers, learning an instrument is boredom-busting and builds confidence too - it's also something that doesn't involve a screen - a big plus for 21st Century parents! Depending on your commitment, music can be a focus for leisure, or a purpose for study. It opens the door to a world of musical opportunity and new friendships, and teaches the value of hard-work, patience and perseverance - all the good qualities we like to encourage in our children. And most importantly of all, it brings joy to everyone.

So, thinking about the value of music in life, it's not so much a question of why learn, rather, why would you not?

There to be enjoyed by all

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