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Hello And Welcome to Piano with a Smile!

My name is Alex and I am an experienced piano teacher and accompanist specialising in group lessons for children age 5 to 11.

If you are looking for kids' beginner piano lessons and a joyful first experience in music then come and join our group piano classes in South Brisbane.

Sociable and fun: Group lessons offer a natural,

child-friendly learning environment 

As a proud provider of KeyNotes lessons, I firmly believe that learning together is the best way for children to start out on the piano. Children thrive in groups as they do at school and with KeyNotes' innovative curriculum to guide and inspire them, newbies as young as 5 can nurture a love of playing and achieve keyboard, music and ensemble skills in a vibrant, caring, small-group setting.

Introducing KeyNotes

KeyNotes is a specially designed group curriculum that covers the foundations of piano as well as wider musical and literacy skills. Created by Melanie Bowes, an ex-high-school music teacher in the UK, the programme is rich in learning and music-making opportunities and is perfect for young beginners of all abilities. Students learn in small groups of up to six and are engaged through singing, performing, movement, listening, discussion, creative tasks and games. Our programme features:

Differentiated material to support all abilities


A cyclical structure to secure learning

Clear weekly objectives 

Home practice resources and termly progress reports

Familiar stories and appealing themes 

Regular performances 

Games and team activities to teach

and consolidate

A dynamic, student-focussed approach

that nurtures each individual


Learning is further enhanced through: 

Group classes are an accessible, fun and affordable way for your child to begin their piano journey. Whether you are following on from a preschool programme (such as Wee Make Music), paving the way for instrumental or private lessons later on, or simply looking for a recreational music activity, I would love to welcome you to our piano community! 

To make an enquiry, call me direct on 0410 704385 or email  

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