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Hello And Welcome to Piano with a Smile!

My name is Alex and I am an experienced piano teacher and accompanist offering group piano lessons to young beginners age 5 to 11 in the Western suburbs of Brisbane. 


My aim is to make learning accessible, to get more children playing the piano and enjoying the benefits of music-making in the primary school years when musical training has the most impact.

Group piano lessons are a fun, sociable and cost-effective way for children to take their first steps on the keyboard. To ensure the success of each individual within the group, we use the KeyNotes Music Method, a collaborative curriculum that enables students of all learning styles and abilities to grow and learn together. I love its emphasis on singing and ensemble-playing (a great foundation for Year 4 school instrumental programmes) plus the ever-increasing range of games and stories that keep young minds engaged as they move through the levels.

It really is a wonderful way for children to begin their piano journey!  


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To make an enquiry, call me direct on 0410 704385 or email  

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