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Hello And Welcome to Piano with a Smile!

Are you looking for children's piano lessons?

Have you considered group classes?

My name is Alex and I am an experienced piano teacher and accompanist offering group piano lessons to young beginners in South Brisbane. 

Sociable and fun: Group lessons offer a natural,

child-friendly learning environment 

Have you noticed how group lessons are growing in popularity?

And rightly so.

For complete beginners, they are a great alternative to private lessons and offer a fun, sociable introduction to piano and musicianship.

Until a few years ago when I launched KeyNotes group classes, I had only taught privately. Now, after comparing student outcomes and enjoyment, I am convinced that for most beginners, group offers the best experience and opportunities.

Introducing KeyNotes

KeyNotes Music is an innovative piano curriculum designed for groups. Using familiar stories and themes, it recognises exactly how children learn, breaking the elements of piano learning into manageable steps to ensure that children aren't overwhelmed (or turned off!). Students thrive in the social setting as they are inspired and motivated by their peers, and engaged through the greater variety and opportunity that group learning brings.

KeyNotes enables children of all learning styles and abilities to learn together yet grow at their own pace. No-one is bored or gets left behind. Whatsmore, everyone plays as an ensemble right from the beginning! This is the JOY of music-making, and something not often available to pianists at this stage of their development. 


With programmes packed with activities, from singing and performing to games and composing, lessons are fast-paced, interactive (in the old sense!) and full of fun. It really is a wonderful way for children to begin their piano journey. Click over the page to find out more and book a trial!

To make an enquiry, call me direct on 0410 704385 or email  

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