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Hello And Welcome to Piano with a Smile!

Are you looking for children's piano lessons?

Have you considered group classes?

My name is Alex and I am an experienced piano teacher and accompanist offering group piano lessons to young beginners in South Brisbane. 

Have you noticed how group lessons are growing in popularity?

And rightly so. They are a great alternative to private lessons and offer students a fun sociable learning experience.

Until a few years ago, I'd only taught private lessons then group came along and changed my world! So many possibilities and benefits for students. Group is an ideal setting for children's first piano lessons, and with KeyNotes' innovative curriculum to support and guide their learning, they are assured a solid and happy introduction that sets them up for success.  

KeyNotes Music is an innovative group piano curriculum that teaches music and piano skills to young beginners.

Perfect for newbies aged 5 to 11, it breaks the elements of piano learning into manageable steps to ensure that students stay engaged, onboard and loving lessons in the early years of their musical training.

With its unique offering that combines general music and keyboard skills, KeyNotes embraces the benefits of group learning, socialising the experience and making first lessons more rewarding and accessible for young students. 

Each programme is packed with activities, from singing and performing, listening and discussing to games and composing, lessons are fast-paced, interactive (in the old sense) and designed to ignite a love of playing.

Like language, musicianship and keyboard skills are developed through doing, and KeyNotes' accessible format enables kids to do just that: actively participate in regular music-making that over time results in a secure musical foundation. 

Features of the KeyNotes programme

Familiar stories and themes

Our workbooks are based on topics and themes that students find engaging. This also lends meaning and structure to their learning

Ensemble skills and regular performances

Weekly performances (often to amazing backing tracks!) teach vital ensemble skills and help build confidence in our students ​

Games and activities to teach and consolidate

The fun factor! Games and team tasks encourage peer interaction and are a great way to embed learning 

Differentiated material in a mixed-ability setting

Collaborative classes means that everyone learns the same song through a system of challenges, with students supported or extended accordingly. In this way everyone is able to work at a level that is right for them

Cyclical structure

Repetition of skills and concepts throughout each level ensures that students are able to consolidate their knowledge and achieve secure musical foundation

Home practice resources

Because practice between lessons is essential for progress and enjoyment and to help support this at home, weekly assignment sheets and videos are provided for parents

Progress reports

We keep parents updated on progress with a simple report at the end of each workbook


Our programme is designed for ease of access and maximum child appeal. Unique features include:  

Programmes at a glance

There are three beginner options:

Little KeyNotes     ages 5-6        30 min lesson

This curriculum uses games, singing, colouring and prop-work to introduce students to the musical alphabet, notes of the piano, 5-finger C position and basic rhythms. Each week students learn a new note and explore songs based around themes such as Animal Alphabet, On The Farm and Under The Sea.

Storytellers      ages 6-8             45 min lesson

Songs in this programme are used to illustrate popular stories such as Goldilocks, The Gingerbread Man and Jack and the Beanstalk. 

Through playing and singing the songs, students learn keyboard geography, finger numbers, rhythms and musical elements. Workbooks are available in either Pre-reader or Reader versions (having pitch notation - assignment of which depends on the age and prior knowledge of the student.

Play          ages 9-11          45 min lesson

This reading-based programme for older beginners covers rhythm, keyboard geography, pitch notation and fingering, and introduces reading strategies such as landmark notes, directional and intervallic reading.  Repertoire is designed to appeal to the older student and comes with age/style-appropriate backing tracks!

All programmes are packed with activities, from singing and performing to games and composing. Lessons are fast-paced, interactive (in the old sense!) with a good dose of fun. It really is a wonderful way for children to begin their piano journey. Click over the page to find out more and book a trial!

To make an enquiry, call me direct on 0410 704385 or email  

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